24.08.2023 20:00 - 22:00 Stahlwerk Rock & Metal

Zeit Künstler Titel
20:04Filth Is EternalPressure Me
20:09Twin MillBlanket
20:13CitizenHyper Trophy
20:19LetoDer tote Baron
20:24Van HolzenIch feier (feat. DISSY)
20:27StepmotherSettle Down
20:34Heavy LungsHead Tilter
20:39JohnRiddley Scott Walker
20:43The Pleasure DomeDown The Alley
20:47SplinterEvery Circus Needs A Clown
20:52Dictator ShipCity Girl
20:59Rival SonsNobody Wants To Die
21:04SOEN01 Violence
21:08Atena02 Hard Day
21:12Bleed From Within03 The Will To Resist
21:16In This Moment04 GODMODE
21:21Helmet05 Holiday
21:25Night Demon06 The Wrath
21:35Asinhell07 Island of Dead Men
21:38Mantar08 Valhalla Hammering
21:45Primordial09 Victory Has 1000 Fathers, Defeat Is an Orphan
21:52Wolves in the Throne Room10 Twin Mouthed Spring
21:55Myrkur11 Like Humans