23.03.2023 20:00 - 22:00 Stahlwerk Rock & Metal

Zeit Künstler Titel
20:00Drug ChurchMyopic
20:04Teen MortgageSick Day
20:09Rotary ClubAmerican Tower
20:11BullyDays Move Slow
20:15SuperbloomHead First
20:18Miesha And The SpanksMom Jeans Mom Genes
20:23The UnknownsShot Down
20:26TurbostaatDer weiche Kern (Gravenhurst Cover)
20:34Congoroo206 Dogs
20:43CongorooUnavoidable Headache
20:56CongorooElephant Girls
21:00Atena01 Oh My
21:04Unearth02 Mother Betrayal
21:08Underoath03 Let Go
21:12AUGUST BURNS RED04 Backfire
21:17Atreyu05 Watch Me Burn
21:21Herod06 The Edifice
21:26Immortal12 War Against All
21:34MARIANAS REST07 Light Reveals Our Wounds
21:41WITCH RIPPER08 Madness and Ritual Solitude
21:47Goat Explosion09 Dawn Of The Red
21:52Botanist10 Epidendrum Nocturnum
21:56THE OCEAN11 Sea of Reed