12.01.2023 20:00 - 22:00 Stahlwerk Rock & Metal

Zeit Künstler Titel
20:00Fucked UpI Think I Might Be Weird
20:05Fucked UpFound
20:08One Step CloserT.T.S.P.
20:12One Step CloserTurn To Me
20:16Jeremy Bolm, Wade MacNeil, Hunter Burgan, Daniel Tracy & Jordan Olds1979 (Smashing Pumpkins Cover)
20:21Mon Cherie9-Euro-Ticket To Hell
20:24TerrorgruppeWarum tun die das?
20:32GlydersSmooth Walker
20:37Purling HissYer All In My Dreams
20:42shameSix-Pack (Radio Edit)
20:46Holy PopesJerry
20:56Oozing WoundThe Good Times (I Don't Miss 'Em)
21:01POLAR01 The Greatest Sin
21:05Architects02 a new moral low ground
21:09Jesus Piece03 An Offering to the Night
21:11Leper Colony04 Flesh crawl demise
21:16OBITUARY05 My Will To Live
21:22Hellripper06 The Nuckelavee
21:33SCREAMER07 Sounds of The Night
21:37Haken08 The Alphabet of Me
21:42KLONE09 Bystander
21:48WOLFSKULL10 Black Winged Angels
21:52TRIBUNAL11 Apathy's Keep
21:58JONATHAN HULTEN12 ...And The Pillars Tremble (Forest version)