06.01.2022 20:00 - 22:00 Stahlwerk Rock & Metal

Zeit Künstler Titel
20:00The HellacoptersThe Hellacopters - New Album - 4 Track Advance - 01 - Reap A Hurricane
20:04Rot T.V.Ready_To_Die_Final
20:11The Smile001 The Smile - You Will Never Work in Television Again (mp3cut.net)
20:14Irnini MonsIrnini Mons - Montreal
20:21TrixsiACH MECHE
20:26Go Go Gazelle & Guido Donot01_Go_Go_Gazelle_Guido_Donot-_Keine_Kohle_Kein_Hund_Single_-Go_Go_Gazelle_Guido
20:32Pom Pom Squad001 Pom Pom Squad - Popular (feat. Matthew Caws of Nada Surf)
20:37BullyBully - Just For Love
20:40Baits001 Baits - Bring Your Friends
20:42The Linda LindasNino
20:46Zero TrustClouds
20:49BLACK MAP001 BLACK MAP - Left For Dead
20:57SOM001 SOM - Moment
21:02Napalm Death01 Narcissus
21:05Deserted Fear02 Part Of The End
21:11Kreator03 All Of The Same Blood (Live)
21:17Destruction04 Diabolical
21:22Schizophrenia05 Sea of Sorrow
21:27BillyBio12 One Life To Live
21:35Crowbar07 Chemical GODZ
21:39APOSTLE OF SOLITUDE08 Relive the Day
21:46Funeral Mist09 Apokalyptikon
21:51Daemonesq10 the beauty of letting go
21:57Toundra11 El Odio Parte II 2