10.12.2023 20:00 - 22:00 Unsigned

Zeit Künstler Titel
Soft LoftHappy New Year (UNS)
BaswodForever Now (UNS)
BaswodSkin | Elegy Of Symmetry | Skin (UNS LIVE)
BaswodThe Eye (UNS LIVE)
FlossStars On The Horizon (UNS)
FiluBurn These Flowers (UNS)
Being AnneStrawberry Picking (UNS)
XavtheartistYou (UNS)
BlūmeStrangers (UNS)
Willow ParloMy Father's Eyes (UNS)
Roast AppleBack Against The Wall (UNS)
JewlsHeavy As My Pretense (UNS)
JewlsRealism (UNS LIVE)
JewlsForest Fire (UNS LIVE)
DaeoElectric (UNS)
NomateRunning (UNS)
Asia ImbissTears On Toys (UNS)
LohmannLetzter Tanz (UNS)
Nein DankeAlte weiße Männer (UNS)
Call Us JanisI Am Dead (UNS)
FraenThe Way We Love (UNS)
WeesbyMorgen (UNS)