24.04.2022 20:00 - 22:00 Unsigned

Zeit Künstler Titel
Lawn ChairMen With Shifty Eyes (UNS)
Soft DrugMan Up (UNS)
Soft DrugSame
Soft DrugFemale
Megalopolis7 Deadly Sins (UNS)
Robin and the GoblinsThe Bakery (UNS)
JomilaGot Me Good (UNS)
J.O.Y, So FlawlessBlue Marine (UNS)
Malina StarkNext To Ur Body (UNS)
KalkylBetter (UNS)
MarieFrag nicht (UNS)
The Good HexSweeping Floor (UNS)
Like MintDie Angst (2022) (UNS)
Like MintWhen I'm Home
Like MintGhost Of What We Know
Bland & PaleCan't Stand The Light (UNS)
Noah SonnenMirror (UNS)
KialaCocaine (UNS)
DealWarme Umarmung (UNS)
OdeliahWenn Du wüsstest (UNS)
Shan ShanWärmer (UNS)
ROS!ECan't Get You Out Of My Mind (UNS)