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vom 13.11.2020

mit Toby Schaper

Zeit Künstler Titel
Killer Be KilledDream Gone Bad
SoilworkThe Nothingness And The Devil
AcceptToo Mean To Die
Metal ChurchDate With Poverty (Live)
GlacierInto The Night
Old Mother HellEdge Of Time
Accu§erPhantom Graves
HarlottBring On The War
Invincible ForceThe Covenant
Cursed BloodThorns & Nails
Mörk GryningSleeping In The Embers
Nocte ObductaRot und Grau
Fates WarningThe Destination Onward
Van HalenEruption
Employed To ServeParty's Over
Venom PrisonThe Primal Chaos
Touché AmoréDeflector
The AggrosChaos Magic
SevendustDying To Live
Joe BonamassaBeyond The Silence