20.03.2023 20:00 - 22:00 Global Pop

Zeit Künstler Titel
MoykaRear View
7ebraLighter Better
eee gee feat. Harvey SutherlandPerfect 10
SkottRoses N Guns
TeoWake Up
KindsightMadhouse breakout multitool
Dottie AnderssonHeavy Objects
Tribe FridaySwimsuit
LOVAI Raised Your Boyfriend
Brimheim feat. The RaveonettesVeronica Fever
AugustineMary Cookins
Frank ToreFrozen Rain
AuroraRunning With The Wolves
BarbroCounting The Days
ReileyBreaking My Heart
Say Lou LouWaiting For A Boy
Graham Lakerun em down
SASOWatch Me
The Jürgen ClubsSoft
why sunDrift Dance
Teddy FailureStoner
Oliver MalcolmMartian Man
shy martinlate nights thoughts
MarkellaNo one hurts me like i hurt myself
YikesFive days in a coma
NAYAHCold Belief
Agnes ObelFamiliar
The HivesTwo Timing Touch and Broken Bones