Almand (Quelle: Almand)

- Almand

Was die Plattenfirma sagt, was die Presse meint und was Fritz weiß.

Buffalo, New York/USA


Elektro, Pop

Die Plattenfirma sagt...
Almand’s musical style is a reflection of his carefree, infectious personality - a personality that lets him connect with his fans. With several well received remixes dropped this summer, Alamand is only gracing the
surface of his limitless potential.

Die Presse meint...
The vocals are like butter, and the chopping is expertly done. The synths are loud, but not too loud, balancing right on the edge of overwhelming. The song wraps you up in its atmosphere of smooth sexy awesomeness and makes you want to stay for quite a while. Then just like that, it’s over. Leaving you no choice but to play it again. (

Fritz weiß...
... dass Almand mit Remixen für The Chainsmokers, Clean Bandit und Timeflies bekannt wurde und bei einem Wettbewerb zum drittbesten College-DJ in den USA gewählt wurde.


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