Ali Love (Quelle: Back Yard Recordings)

- Ali Love

Was die Plattenfirma sagt, was die Presse meint und was Fritz weiß.




Die Plattenfirma sagt...
You may well have heard the name Ali Love before, either as the singer on the Chemical Brothers' smash Do It Again, or on his own earlier solo singles. But even if somehow you haven’t come across him already, one thing is certain: from here on in, there’ll be no escaping Ali Love.

Die Presse meint...
The artist who has been firmly labelled new rave due to his Glam-rock appearance, which he exercised on stage with a tight fitting pair of leopard patterned trousers and Rambo style head-ware compares his music to an 'ipod on shuffle'. (Left Lion)

Fritz weiß...
...dass Ali Love die Vocals bei "Do It Again" von den Chemical Brothers gesungen hat.


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