20:00 - 22:00 Soundgarden

vom 13.05.2012 mit Maurice Gajda

Zeit Artist Song Album
Santigold Freak like me Master of my make-believe
Santogold Say aha Say aha
Caotico Sunrise Confessions Sunrise Confessions
Liars No1 Against The Rush Liars
The Dodoz Ghost The Dodoz
Baxter Dury Isabel Happy Soup
Computer Magic Running Computer Magic
Santogold L.E.S. Artistes Santogold
Santigold feat Karen O. Go! Master of my make-believe
Santigold Big Mouth Master of my make-believe
Santigold Look At These Hoes Master of my make-believe
Santigold Fame Master of my make-believe
Santigold The riot's gone Master of my make-believe
Of Monsters And Men Little talks My Head Is An Animal
The Cribs Come On And Be A Noone In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull
Metric Youth Without Youth Synthetica
Young Empires Enter Through The Sun Wake All My Youth
Young Empires Against The Wall Wake All My Youth
Team Me Show me To the Treetops!
Team Me Wheatervanes And Chemicals To The Treetrops
Team Me Daggers To the Treetops!
Hot Chip Night And Day In Our Heads
Alt - J Matilda An Awesome Wave
Punks Jump Up Mr. Overtime Blockhead
Stealing Signs Roman Roman House
Juveniles We Are Young Realty Check
Eye Emma Jedi Sin
Marina and the Diamonds I Am Not A Robot Family Jewles
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